Camille Harp

JUNE 16, 2018
TIME 9:00 PM

Camille Harp was raised in a musical family. She grew up with a momma who played bass and a daddy who played guitar in the couple’s three piece band. Falling from that family tree, Camille was destined to play her own music. She joined them on stage at red dirt Oklahoma rodeos at a tender age of 4. As she fell in love with performing, she began to realize her dream. At 13, she was learning guitar, and by 15 she was composing her first original songs. When Harp took the stage, she knew that she wasn’t a musician because she so chose … music chose her.

Harp prides herself on her ability and love for writing. She has a voice in her soul that sings the words of her heart. Harp’s style crosses musical borders from folk to rock to country-based pop. Though her genre is hard to define, it’s easy to get enveloped by her sincere lyrics and graceful melodies. Harp’s music ranges from catchy, danceable tunes to heart-wrenching, melodic love songs. It’s music that is easy to relate to and listener friendly on many levels. Give it your ears and it will take your heart.

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